Okay, okay, okay, I did it! Welcome to my digital home: Telling Your Story. A mission that is front and center every time I sit down at the mic or on camera. If you want a good laugh, check out the hairstyles; did I really go in front of millions of people looking like that??

I've spent many years writing and recording copy that’s as tight and persuasive as possible, finding a voice that will cut through the clutter and interest an audience, all while meeting daily, pressure cooker deadlines.

If you need someone
... to tell your story
... to sell your product
... to teach your patients, employees, students
... to raise support and money for your organization
... to elevate and energize your goals

If you want someone
... who can take directions
... who will collaborate creatively when you need it
...who will meet your timetable and your budget

Then you're right where you belong.

Just ask my clients!

And if you're not satisfied, the vo's on me.