What are your services?
Voice Over, MC, Announcer, Broadcaster, Spokesperson,
Narrator, Host

How quickly do you work?
As quickly as you need. For most projects,
24 hour turnaround is not a problem.

Wav, mp3, aif, ftp

Send me info on your project and I’ll get you
a quote – a competitive one I’m confident – ASAP.
If you like I’ll record a custom demo of part of your

Can I call instead of email?
Sure: cell is 917 991 6727.
But I do have crackberry so email gets
to me really fast.

Union or non union?
I’m a financial core member of AFTRA/SAG
which allows me to do both union and non union

You don’t have loud birds, dogs, or cats in your
home, do you?

Funny you should ask: I have all three! But not where
I record. Anyway, they know who fills their food bowls
every day, so they’re very considerate while I’m working.

So….tell me about your project. I’ll get back to you
right away.

“We needed a voice-over for a corporate overview video.
Edie delivered top quality narration way ahead of our deadline
and well within our budget. We thank her for making our project
a success!”
Brendan Boris
Marketing Communications Manager
Salient Management Company

“Edie has a great voice and an intuitive sense of how to present copy. She takes direction extremely well and is a true pleasure to work with.”
Sue Chiafullo
Freelance Producer

“In all that she has done, Edie’s narration is a unique blend of certainty and authenticity. When she tells me something, I’m sure it’s true but I’m equally sure that it’s real person at the end of that microphone, telling me something she really believes.”
Neal Shapiro
Pres. and CEO WNET.org

“Edie did a great job for us on one of our latest projects. She was prompt in getting the recording back to us. She followed direction great and the quality was ready to use. We would not hesitate to use her again for our next project.”
Ryan Welch
Creative Director AO.CREATIVE

“Edie Magnus knows words. She knows how to write them. She knows how to speak them. She knows how to use them–and never overuse them–to maximum effect. Edie is a writer and narrator who operates with keen intelligence, discerning judgment, and perfect pitch.”
David Corvo
Vice President NBC News

“Edie seems to know something about everything. Moreover, she has that rare of gift of being able to ‘connect’ with seemingly everybody, and draw them out… A lightning-quick study and a marvelous writer, Edie…is a partner in every way, and truly a producer’s dream. May I also say that that Edie has a delicious sense of humor, which makes her simply fun to be around?”
John Block
Independent Television Producer